Recyclate Targets Have Stalled

Consumer goods giant Henkel made significantly less money in 2022, but significantly more sales due to price factors. However, the figures for recyclate use in packaging went down. 

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Faber-Castell Commits to Sustainability

In order to improve its environmental footprint, pencil manufacturer Faber-Castell is focusing, among other things, on more sustainable materials and the increased use of renewable energies. CO2 emissions at its production sites were reduced by a total of 25 percent in fiscal 2020/21 compared to the previous fiscal year. The latest sustainability report shows that the issue continues to be a top priority at the world’s largest manufacturer of wood-cased pens.

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Sustainability in Purchasing Becomes Standard

Sustainability in purchasing is now important to the majority of customers in Germany. For two-thirds of those under 35, this is a decisive factor in their purchasing decision. This is the result of a recent representative PwC online survey.

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New Alternative to Plastic

Replacing virgin plastic with recyclable materials is one of the biggest challenges on the road to greater sustainability. A newly developed material, Camm Solutions, is said to succeed for the first time in retaining all the positive functions of plastic and deleting the negative ones. “The material is a breakthrough. It can be made into just about any shape and function, and at the end of its life cycle it dissolves in water without leaving any residue,” says Christoph Bertsch, co-founder of Camm Solutions.

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Bye, bye Package Inserts

Sebapharma, a leading company in medical skin cleansing and body care and known by the brand name sebamed, is gradually discontinuing the production of all instruction leaflets.

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