Henkel Uses Recycled Material for Blister Caps of WC Fragrance Flushers

In a pilot project, Henkel is now using 100 percent post consumer recyclate (PCR) from the yellow bag for the first time for the blister caps of its “WC Frisch Kraft Aktiv Pro Nature Pack” cleaning product. The PCR used consists of more than 80 percent recycled PET trays, which are used for food products, for example, and have not been recycled as standard until now. With this project, Henkel aims to help further exploit the recycling potential of the Dual System in Germany and initiate a new recycling stream.

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Wine in Paper Bottle

They have already won awards at the PAC Global Awards for Innovative Packaging in New York, and now the first paper bottles of Italian wine are filling the shelves in Germany.

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Researchers Banish Odors from Plastic Packaging

What doesn’t smell good is hard to recycle. This simple rule also applies to the world’s growing plastic waste. One way to recycle them in an environmentally sound manner as high-quality post-consumer recyclate is through improved sorting and reprocessing.

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DBU Supports Reusable Alliance

The German Federal Environmental Foundation (DBU) is supporting the “mehrweg.einfach.machen” project. The aim is in particular to improve the coordination of different reusable systems.

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Recyclate Targets Have Stalled

Consumer goods giant Henkel made significantly less money in 2022, but significantly more sales due to price factors. However, the figures for recyclate use in packaging went down. 

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Food Cans Made From CO2-reduced Tinplate

German tinplate manufacturer Thyssenkrupp Rasselstein has launched the world’s first food can made from CO2-reduced packaging steel. A recent survey showed that there is a need for consumer education on the subject of tinplate food cans.

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