New Online Supermarket Delivers Only in Jars

The new online supermarket “GerneOhne” aims to provide an alternative way to buy food: zero waste and conveniently from home is the motto. Customers throughout Germany have the opportunity to order plastic-free packaged food online directly to their door.

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Avoidance of packaging waste

New standards in the avoidance of packaging waste: the Deutsche Bundesstiftung Umwelt (DBU) is funding a waste reduction project at the Eberswalde University of Applied Sciences.

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Refill, please

The British retail chain Asda opened a new store, where various sustainability concepts are being tested. Partner Unilever is at the forefront of the project. For Unilever, this is the largest trial ever conducted in Europe on refill stations.

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Cleaning Agent for Refilling

“Love Nature” is a new series of cleaning products from Henkel. The products “Mein Spülmittel” and “Mein Waschmittel” can be refilled in selected stores of various drugstore and supermarket chains. For example at dm-drogerie markt and Rossmann.

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Second Protective Skin for Fruit and Vegetables

50 percent fewer copies, 20 percent more sales: Apeel passed the avocado pilot test at Edeka and Netto with flying colors. The offer is now being rolled out nationwide. After approval by the EU authorities, it is to be extended to other products from the fruit and vegetable range.

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Unpackaged Organic Products at Rewe

In the case of organic fruit and vegetables, Rewe has now revised its packaging strategy and offers some of these products unpackaged – or “with improved packaging”, as Rewe emphasizes. This was preceded by an “unpackaged test” in various markets. However, Rewe also stresses that packaging will not disappear from the vegetable shelf.

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Unpackaged from Nestlé

The food company is testing whether selling without packaging is a future model now in Switzerland. The pilot project is running on soluble coffee under the “Nescafé” brand and pet food under the “Purina ONE” brand.

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