Migros Tests Filling Stations

The Swiss retail cooperative Migros launched a new pilot project in the non-food segment in August 2020:  Consumers in two markets can now fill their own detergents and dishwashing liquids. If the customers accept the offer, it is to be expanded.

At the Migros branches in Marktgasse Bern and Migros Shoppyland Schönbühl, customers can now fill their own detergents and dishwashing liquids at new filling stations. There are four products to choose from: the lemon hand dishwashing detergent and the “Migros Plus” brand of color detergent and the “Total” brand of “Handy” color detergent and hand dishwashing detergent.

All four products are biodegradable and free of microplastics, as the company emphasizes. The company is expanding its range in the “Zero Waste” segment, enabling customers to save on plastic even in non-food products.

Simply refill when needed

Customers select the desired agent and place the empty bottle under the filling tap. The system recognizes the product by the barcode on the bottle. The desired quantity is filled at the push of a button. A new label is then printed out, which the customer sticks on the bottle. Then he can pay as usual. The price for the four products is the same as for the bottles already filled.

For detergents and rinsing agents, plastic is still the most ecological and safest packaging, Migros emphasizes. Nevertheless, the aim is to enable customers to reduce the use of plastic for these products as well. Following the initial experiences at the Migros Aare Cooperative, the range of products is to be extended to other cooperatives.

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