Somat Dishwashing Liquid Bottles Made From Recycled Material

Together with Henkel, ALPLA has developed a new, recyclable packaging concept for the Düsseldorf-based manufacturer’s Somat gels. The dishwashing detergents are now offered in bottles made from up to 100 percent post-consumer recyclate (PCR). The cap of the Pro Nature variant also consists of half recycled material obtained from waste collection.

“Our Ecolabel certified All in 1 Gel Pro Nature is the most sustainable dishwashing gel on the market today. By using recycled PE in gray color, obtained from a mix of different colors, we give colored PE bottles a new life,” explains Carsten Bertram, Head of International Packaging Dishwashing at Henkel. In close cooperation with Henkel Laundry & Care, ALPLA has developed bottles with up to 100 percent recycled HDPE (rHDPE) content. Somat Excellence Duo Gel and Somat All in 1 Gel are both available on the market in bottles made of 50 percent rHDPE. Somat All in 1 Gel is additionally offered as a Pro Nature product line in bottles made from 100 percent recycled material and with a closure made from 50 percent recycled PP (rPP).

The new bottles were developed with the aim of being at least half PCR without compromising on visual appearance on the shelf and on stability and mechanical properties. This proportion could even be increased to 100 percent due to the high quality of the rHDPE recycling material provided by the PET Recycling Team in Wöllersdorf.

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