Aldi Offers Edible Spoons

Aldi Nord and Aldi Süd are offering a vegan chocolate dessert of the brand “Made with Luve” with integrated “Spoonie” at the end of October. The special feature of the spoon is that it is made on a purely vegetable basis and is edible, whereby the taste is supposed to remind one a little of cocoa.

With the “Spoonie”, the Heidelberg start-up Spoontainable aims to offer a sustainable alternative to disposable plastic cutlery. “Spoonie consists of saved food. These are by-products, for example from chocolate production,” explains Amelie Vermeer, founder of Spoontainable. The spoon is produced on a purely vegetable basis. It is certified according to the EU Green Brand seal of approval. There are two different varieties of “Spoonies”: a variant made from oat hulls and a “Choc” variant consisting of fibers from the cocoa shell.

Special offer with exclusive cooperation

The “Spoonie Choc” is offered at Aldi Nord and Aldi Süd with the vegan lupin dessert of the manufacturer “Made with Luve” in an exclusive cooperation. It will be on sale from 30 October 2020. Both the pudding and the Spoonie are vegan, gluten and lactose-free, as Aldi emphasizes. The edible spoon is in a cardboard sleeve on the dessert. “We designed this to-go variant especially for the cooperation. This allows us to react flexibly to a start-up product and we will also examine other products with which the edible ‘spoon’ can be combined,” says Nina Kurth, Manager Corporate Responsibility at Aldi South.

In 2019, the founders Amelie Vermeer and Julia Piechotta presented the sustainable spoon as part of the Aldi Accelerator Program. The idea had convinced the jury. The young founders were able to further develop their business model within the framework of the Aldi support program and make the product ready for the market. “We are very pleased that in Aldi we have found a strong partner with whom we can offer our edible spoons to a broad target group. Our goal is to enthuse as many people as possible with the spoon and thus make a contribution to the reduction of plastic,” emphasizes founder Vermeer.

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