My muesli, my packaging

At, customers can compile their favourite muesli online and have it delivered to their homes by mail. Now they can also order individual packaging.

Lactose-free, without cereals or as much chocolate as possible: muesli fans can create several breakfast or snack combinations from around 80 ingredients. Mymuesli went online as a start-up in 2007, making it the world’s first range of individual muesli. In the meantime, the founders from Passau have become successful entrepreneurs who sell mixed muesli online and stationary – in their own stores as well as in supermarkets. If the content is individual, why shouldn’t the packaging also have a personal touch? “Individual mymuesli cans: That was our vision for a long time,” explains Max Wittrock, one of the company’s founders. The vision has come true.  During the online ordering process, customers are given the opportunity to give their individually mixed muesli their own name and select their own personal can design. The muesli mixtures are usually packaged in cans.

Personalised cans

The individual packaging is produced by Labelprint24. The implementation of personalised printing of several thousand cereal cans a day was a challenge in this project, according to the manufacturers. “The difficulty was to automate the entire production process of the personalized muesli cans, from the customer’s own interface to the digital printing machine”. This is why mymuesli and Labelprint24 decided to individualize the muesli cans not in the mymuesli production but in the digital printing factory of Labelprint24. At Labelprint24, the individualized can labels with the customer’s wishes are printed within a few hours, finished and delivered the next day as a label roll to the production line from mymuesli to Passau. “We see the mass customization of packaging as a huge opportunity in the printing business,” says Stefan Harder, Managing Director of Labelprint24.


In the confectionery industry, the requirements are diverse and expectations are high. FachPack is the place that brings together buyers and vendors on a level playing field. More information can be found here.

The process in detail: The retrieval of the print data of the individual customers from the mymuesli ordering system is automated at night. The data is then automatically checked for printability, prepared for printing and stored as an order for the printing press in Labelprint24’s ERP system. In order to ensure the correct assignment and quality of the individual labels, the personalized can labels are tracked fully automatically throughout the entire printing process with the aid of cameras. “We also use the camera systems to check whether each individual label is present. This is done via a continuous database comparison. If a label is missing, it is automatically reinserted into the queue to be produced and printed at the next printing date,” it says. It takes about twelve hours from data transfer to dispatch of the finished can labels. The printed label rolls are delivered to mymuesli the next day. An additional challenge for digital printing was that the variable data (texts and images) also contained metallized effects.

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