New face on the Kinder chocolate packaging

Kinder chocolate from Ferrero gets a new packaging. The new box will be available in German shops from May.

For two years, the confectionery manufacturer Ferrero has been conducting market research and thinking about new packaging designs. The result: the boy on the Kinder packaging was swapped for chocolate. The picture detail of the new face is also different. The brown-haired boy looks mischievously behind three chocolate bars. His predecessors laughed into the camera with bright white teeth. The mouth of the new star, on the other hand, cannot be seen. Otherwise, the packaging has hardly changed. The colour and style of the successful Ferrero brand have remained the same.

“The new design represents the next generation of Kinder chocolate, it stands for the children of today – all over the world: they are smart, courageous, impartial and bold,” says Thomas Laux, Country Marketing Manager Kinder Snacks at Ferrero Germany. “Nevertheless, it was of course very important to us to combine the new design with our traditional brand values – above all the incomparable taste,” explains Laux.


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For the fourth time, the boy has been replaced in the past 50 years. “The face on the packaging should represent all children in the world – big and small, blond and dark-haired, girls and boys. So we didn’t choose a boy and not a girl, but a face that reflects one thing above all else: Childhood”, Ferrero writes on his homepage. Over the past 50 years, around 300 different faces have adorned the packaging of special editions worldwide – including many girls.

In Germany, Kinder Schokolade will be available in the new packaging design from the first half of May, in the standard packaging with ten individually packaged bars or in the storage package with 24 bars. Parallel to the new packaging, consumers can also purchase their favourite packaging from the past 50 years with the five-part retro edition. Internationally, the new packaging will be on sale in April in France and Italy, among other countries, and by autumn 2019 it should be available in more than 60 countries.

As part of the market research, more than 6,800 people from Germany, France, the United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia, China and Russia were surveyed, explains Ferrero. Their feedback on different design variants and different children’s faces was incorporated into the design development until the new packaging design was finally determined. This time, too, the company will not reveal who the boy is on the packaging in order to “protect the little celebrity”.

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