Separate Properly after Snacking

The Federal Association of the German Confectionery Industry e.V. (BDSI) has expanded its range of information with a website on the correct separation and sorting of packaging from confectionery and snack items.

Separating packaging waste correctly is the key to a functioning circular economy, because only the recyclable materials from packaging that are collected via the collection containers remain in the cycle. The Federal Association of the German Confectionery Industry (BDSI) has therefore set up an additional website for the correct separation and sorting of the packaging of confectionery and snack items. The new landing page is integrated into the BDSI website and is aimed in particular at consumers.

Here, in addition to general information on waste separation in Germany, the BDSI provides explicit information on the correct disposal of packaging for the wide range of products in the industry. Using icons of, for example, chocolate bars, potato chips, ice cream or cookies, consumers can see in which garbage can(s) the respective packaging should be disposed of.

An explanatory video from the BDSI illustrates the diverse functions of packaging materials as well as the important role of consumers in a well-functioning circular economy. After all, only is the things that are disposed of in the right garbage can remain available to the cycle as important raw materials via recycling.

Numerous external and internal links supplement the offering, for example to background and detailed information by the Federal Environment Agency, NABU, the consumer initiative or the initiative “Mülltrennung wirkt” (Waste Separation Works), as well as to thematically appropriate issues of the “Nachrichten aus der Wissenschaft” (News from Science) of the association’s Food Chemistry Institute. The new BDSI landing page can be accessed at or via the BDSI homepage.

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