Approaches to Reusable Packaging

Packaging should be designed so that it can be reused: the re-use approach is the topic of a panel discussion at FACHPACK. “Packaging Future and Sustainability: Re-Use as a Concept for Success with Sustainability Ideas, Concepts and Best Practice” is the topic of a PACKBOX talk.

German consumers have been familiar with the reusable system for beverages and yogurt jars for decades: Food is filled into a bottle, transported and consumed. Then the bottle or jar goes back to the bottler via the retailer, is cleaned and it starts all over again. But does everything work as smoothly as it sounds at first glance, and what does it mean for the environmental balance sheet?

Peter Désilets, Managing Director of the new Pacoon Sustainability Concepts GmbH unit of Pacoon, design agency for sustainable packaging, would like to present and discuss this question at PACKBOX on the first day of FACHPACK, September 28, from 2 to 4 p.m., together with new and established suppliers, who represent of many new approaches to solutions.

“In times of environmental and climate protection, “plastic free” and unpackaged stores, a good system is needed that meets the basic requirements for product protection, transport and communication functions. At the same time, the handling for the consumer as well as the return and cleaning must be as simple as possible and a permanent use or high circulation number is the most important criterion for positive CO2 reduction,” says Désilets.

Anika Oppermann of The-Reuse-Project advises companies interested in this alternative to single-use packaging. Juliane Spieker is co-founder of Pfabò, a system of modular deposit boxes. Iris Vilsmaier recently founded Circujar GmbH, developed her own glass containers for serve soups, sauces and also other products – including for fillers of pre-packaged goods on supermarket shelves. Daniel Weber of Eatainable, a reusable system for the catering industry that Rieber GmbH has been using successfully for some time, will also present his experiences.

Following the presentations, Peter Désilets would like to debate with the speakers in a panel discussion the prerequisites and hurdles that need to be created or removed for a comprehensive reusable system for as many products as possible.

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