Computerized Makeup Applicator

Cosmetics group L’Oréal wants to revitalize the beauty industry with two new technology prototypes. The device, called “Hapta,” is designed to help people with limited fine motor skills apply makeup or lipstick. People can use the “Brow Magic” to style their eyebrows. They are assisted in this by an app.

L’Oréal, at the world’s most important electronics trade show CES in Las Vegas in early January 2023, has developed two technologies that could put the current primary packaging of cosmetics to the test. “Hapta” is the first wearable, ultra-precise computerized makeup applicator designed to improve the beauty needs of people with limited hands. L’Oréal Brow Magic is the first at-home electronic eyebrow makeup applicator that provides users with customized brow looks in seconds. “For L’Oréal, the future of beauty is inclusive. And that future is made more accessible through technology,” said Nicolas Hieronimus, CEO of L’Oréal Groupe.

User-friendly packaging

An estimated 50 million people worldwide live with limited fine motor skills. This makes some daily gestures, such as opening cosmetic packaging and applying makeup, challenging. “Hapta” is a wearable, ultra-precise smart makeup applicator for users with limited hand and arm mobility that allows them to apply lipstick evenly at home. “Hapta” will incorporate technology originally developed by Verily to stabilize utensils to enable people with limited hand and arm mobility to eat independently, he said. The key to “Hapta” is a combination of integrated intelligent motion control and customizable attachments that provide users with an improved range of motion, increased ease of use for hard-to-open packages and precise application that is otherwise difficult to achieve, the cosmetics giant shares.

“Hapta” features a magnetic attachment that allows 360° degrees of rotation and 180° degrees of flexion. A “click” feature allows the user to intuitively set the intended position, stay in place during use and allow the user to lock the custom setting for future use.

L’Oréal Brow Magic

With the new L’Oréal Brow Magic prodult, people can achieve a personalized eyebrow look at home based on their natural brow and facial features. L’Oréal Brow Magic was developed by L’Oréal in collaboration with technology company Prinker, a pioneer in printed, non-permanent tattoos.

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