Another Detergent Brand Available in Cardboard Box

As part of its sustainability strategy, the discounter Norma is switching the packaging for its Toptil detergent brand from plastic to cardboard.

In addition to private labels, manufacturers with lower-priced brands are currently benefiting in the detergent, and cleaning products business. Among other things, because they are quicker to step in when there are shelf gaps. Smaller detergent brands have benefited from price pressure in 2022. In addition to private labels, brands such as Sunil, Fit or Kuschelweich by the manufacturer Fit and Henkel’s Spee brand were among the winners.

But the low-cost brands also want to get ahead in terms of sustainability. Discounter Norma, for example, is announcing new packaging for Caps Color and heavy-duty detergents under its own Toptil brand. Starting March 2023, the popular color and heavy-duty detergents will be available in plastic-free packaging. This will save an additional 21 tons of plastic per year, the company explains.

According to the company, the new and more sustainable cardboard box of the 3in1 caps is made of at least 91 percent recycled paper and is recyclable. The FSC certificate makes it clear that the highest environmental standards were met during production, from the forestry operation to the final processing  of the cardboard.

To ensure that the product is as safe for children as ever, the robust folding box has a secure closure. The SCIC (Superior Child Safety Closure) certificate guarantees consumers that the detergent will not fall into children’s hands even if the packaging does.

Norma has been pursuing a sustainability strategy for several years and, in this context, puts all its products to the test. Where possible, plastic is significantly reduced or dispensed with completely.  The discounter, headquartered in Nuremberg, is already on the market in Germany, Austria, France and the Czech Republic with more than 1,450 stores.

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