Coffee Cups Among the Shower Gels

For drinking or showering? The start-up Waltz 7 fills shower peeling into a coffee-to-go cup – a real eye-catcher on the body care shelf. And it’s not the only reference the Viennese make to food packaging: Recently, they have followed up with “shower smoothies” in a squeeze bag.

Packaging protects its contents, but is also an important marketing tool – and, on the retail shelf, it is usually the only way to differentiate a product from the competition. The Viennese start-up Waltz 7 has succeeded in doing this in an exemplary manner with “shower coffee” in a cup. Most drugstore customers will look twice at the coffee cup between bottles and standing tubes on the shower-care shelf.

The relationship between packaging and contents is clear: the cup contains a mousse peeling with Arabica beans and an espresso-chocolate scent. And it is not the only Waltz 7 product that blurs the boundaries between personal care and food, even in terms of packaging.

Borrowing from the food industry 

The company, which was founded in 2013, started with “shower bombs” and became known in Austria through the founder show “2 Minuten 2 Millionen”, has launched a new product only a few weeks ago: “shower smoothies”.

Here, not only the fragrance options such as “Raspberry-Coco” or “Carrot-Ginger” are reminiscent of the mixed drinks of the same name – customers will also associate the squeeze bags with products from the food industry. And in order to push the concept to the extreme, Waltz 7 will publish recipes for drinking smoothies in its own blog, corresponding to the aromas of its shower products.

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