Chemist’s chains introduce recycling logo

The chemist’s chains dm and Rossmann have joined forces in the fight against plastic waste: they want to introduce a recycling logo for plastic. Companies such as Henkel and Beiersdorf are also involved.

As of the beginning of June, the shelves of all dm stores will show which products manage to get by using a small amount of packaging. Each individual product will also be labelled with information on how it should be disposed of in the proper manner. If possible, all products available from dm should also be labelled with information stating the proportion of recycled content in the packaging. In the case of plastic, recycled plastic is reused.

Last autumn, the chemist’s chain dm founded the “Rezyklat-Forum”, which now comprises 25 companies. These include major product manufacturers such as Henkel, Beiersdorf and Procter & Gamble, waste management companies such as Interseroh and dm’s competitor Rossmann.


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