FachPack Exhibitors Whoop It Up

On the second day of the fair, more than 800 visitors came to the FachPack’s After-Business-Party, which took place at the location Parks in Nuremberg’s city park.

BBQ-platters, shrimp skewers, birthday cake: Tastewise, the guests of the After-Business-Party had bountiful pickings. No surprise – the party was also the anniversary celebration – FachPack turned a proud 40. And thusly there were some highlights which surprised visitors after two exhausting but beautiful fair days. Among these was, first of all, the ambience: the location “Parks” with plenty of party rooms in its interior and exterior is located right in the middle of Nuremberg’s city park. Colourful lights and glittering decorations provided a touch of disco flair. Those who preferred the lounge made themselves comfortable on the oriental-looking pillows and enjoyed the drink of their choice, be it organic beer or organic lemonade. Talking without interruption was possible in the more dignified rooms with long tables and white table cloths. But apparently sitting for a long time does not suit the fair experts. Also, there was too much to see for that. So, one oscillated between the bar, the fresh air and the dance floor. Over the course of the evening, more and more women and men could be found here. The band “The Retjetnicks” and DJ Marc Wirtz provided the music – from trendy party hits to songs by Elvis Presley.

Sweet unpackaged temptation

Those who wanted to reach the big party ballroom inevitably had to walk past the candy stand. So, sweet temptation was lying in wait – and unpackaged even. A piece of aforementioned birthday cake, a spoonful of chocolate crème from a bowl, a cake pop – those who had free hands helped themselves. And so that not just the fair but also the party would be sustainably memorable, guests could have their picture taken and were able to directly take print and digital versions home, share them, and send them into the world. Some people preferred to remain anonymous on the pictures by putting a small hat, giant glasses or some kind of packaging on their heads or in front of their faces. By the way, Claudia Fehlner, Director of FachPack, decided on the glasses but was still recognized.

Spooky and charming

You have to picture these images in your mind’s eye. Apropos imagination: Claudio Gnann ist he you man’s name, who inconspicuously mingled with the guests and confused some of them profusely. Incidentally he did this in a way that was “spooky and so charming” as one visitor said. He spontaneously made a wallet catch fire without doing any damage. He bent forks and caused amazed faces with his magical entertainment tricks.  His performance at the tables provided much fodder for conversation. There was no shortage of this at all and those who had enough of talking just joined the dancers. There were specially arranged shuttle buses so that everyone was be able to be on time on Thursday for the third day of the fair.

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