Frosta converts to paper

Frosta is the first frozen food producer to abolish plastic bags for its products. The North German company has developed a paper bag that will replace the current plastic bag as of January 2020.

The new Frosta bag is made of what is known as called kraft paper, a paper that has not been bleached or coated. A special mechanical technology makes it possible for this paper to be resistant to moisture and grease. Even if the products thaw slightly at times – for example on the way home from the shop – the bag does not fall apart, explains CEO Felix Ahlers in the Frosta blog.

“Of course, our appearance will change and the photos will no longer be as bright as on the current bag. However, packaging made from renewable raw materials (certified according to FSC, so that reforestation can take place accordingly) is much more environmentally friendly and has a better climate balance,” continues Ahlers.

The innovation has one catch, however: “As with the Purity Law over 15 years ago, we are naturally taking a risk with it,” he says: The products will cost around EUR 0.20 more. Moreover they should not be stored in the ice cube compartment (1*), as then the paper bag could tear after some time. And if you defrost the products in the refrigerator, you should do it on a plate without the packaging. With the 40 million packages sold by Frosta, this will save 320 tons of plastic a year.

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