High Barrier Laminate for Corona Tests

In times of the corona pandemic, flexibility counts – also in packaging issues, as packaging and paper producer Mondi demonstrates using the example of new test kits for the corona pathogen. Because for medical packaging, in addition to the “time-to-market”, the protective function is particularly important.

The biotech company Qiagen, which among other things offers test technologies for molecular diagnostics, recently launched a test cartridge kit that can detect the corona pathogen (“SARS-CoV-2”) within an hour. The packaging for the test cartridges comes from packaging and paper producer Mondi, the company announced in June 2020. The white, unprinted, multi-layer stand-up pouches are made of a PET/Alu/PE (polyester/aluminium/polyethylene) structure to provide the necessary protection against light and moisture so that the test kits are not affected before use.

Flexibility required

“We have worked closely with Qiagen to understand how best to ensure that the test kits are packaged securely,” says Emilio Vidri, Sales Director Europe at Mondi Consumer Flexibles. They are now ready to increase production of this product and meet the new requirements. “At Mondi Korneuburg we have adjusted our production planning to support Qiagen in meeting the increasing demand”, explains Eveline Wagner, Managing Director of Mondi Korneuburg. Since timely testing plays an important role in containing the pandemic, the company is standing by to support the medical community in every possible way.


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