Kaufland Expands Range of Unpacked Stations

Buy unpackaged pasta, rice, and dried fruit according to one’s needs: Customers can now do this at a total of eight Kaufland stores.

The unpackaged stations with food in organic quality are already available in Pfungstadt and Steinheim/Murr and now also in Hamburg, Berlin, Munich, Cologne, Heidelberg, and Leipzig. Kaufland has been testing the stations in Pfungstadt and Steinheim/Murr since last summer. “They have already been very well received by our customers there. Now we are eager to see the response in other cities. Our goal is to offer the concept individually in additional, selected stores,” says Thomas Schäfer, Head of Merchandise Sales at Kaufland.

The unpackaged assortment at Kaufland includes around 40 staple foods such as rice, pasta, bulgur, and quinoa, as well as chocolate-coated nuts, dried fruit, and muesli. Customers can fill the food into containers they have brought with them as well as those offered on site. Special hygiene concepts apply to the stations, and all items are also offered via dispensers so that there is no direct food contact. The supplier of the food is “Eco Terra”.

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