McDonald’s does without a spoon for dessert

McFlurry without a plastic lid and plastic spoon. From 2020 onwards McDonald’s Germany will be offering its dessert range in more sustainable packaging. Plastic balloon clips will be abolished already this year. The fast-food chain is also testing a cup deposit system for hot drinks.

SPlastic straws, cutlery and balloon clips –  these are the articles that McDonald’s has to abolish in future according to the EU Directive in order to avoid single-use plastic in its restaurants. McDonald’s Germany is going beyond the legal requirements with a timetable to abolish more plastic articles and reduce packaging waste.

Accordingly, the packaging of the dessert range is to be almost plastic-free already in the course of next year. In the case of McFlurry ice cream, the plastic lid and plastic spoon will be dispensed with as of the changeover. Shakes will be served in more sustainable packaging too. “We are aware of our responsibility. That is why we have set ourselves the goal of gradually converting various products to more sustainable packaging solutions where this makes sense for system catering. Here we are also following our own global goal of ensuring that by 2025 all our packaging materials will come only from renewable, recycled or certified sources,” says Holger Beeck, CEO of McDonald’s Germany. The decision was preceded by a live experiment in which McDonald’s Germany took up the challenge of abandoning packaging altogether or offering products in more sustainable packaging solutions for ten days.


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After the changeover shakes will be dispensed in the paper cup with an alternative solution to the plastic straw. While the cup solution presented did well in the test with the guests, the paper straw needs to be improved again before the changeover in 2020. The McFlurry spoon also needs to be optimized. In the eyes of many guests, the wooden solution presented in the “Better M Store” is still in need of improvement. In total, the switch to more sustainable solutions in the dessert sector will save around 1,000 tons of plastic per year (reference: 2018).

In addition to reducing the amount of plastic, McDonald’s Germany is also focusing on a general reduction in packaging materials. For instance, as early as this year, the 4-piece nuggets are to be offered in a paper bag instead of in a paper box as has so far been the case. The testing of Recup, a cup deposit system for hot drinks, is also to be expanded continuously. In addition, McDonald’s Germany will be doing away with the plastic clips for balloons by the end of this year. The conversion of articles that are to be banned by EU legislation will follow at the latest from the year 2021 .



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