New Detergent in Paper Packaging

Plant-based laundry detergents packaged virtually without plastic. Starting in April, Henkel is launching the new “Love Nature Wash Bars”, a product that complements the Group’s sustainability line. In selected stores, the detergent is also refillable.

Henkel, which has been around since 2020, is expanding its range of plant-based detergents and cleaning products with the new “Love Nature Wash Bars”, a solid, compacted all-purpose detergent in virtually plastic-free packaging. The detergent is so highly compressed that, according to manufacturer Henkel, one 30-gram tab is sufficient for a wash load of 4.5 kilograms of normally soiled laundry. The Wash Bars can thus be offered in a significantly smaller carton package than conventional compacted powder detergents.

According to the manufacturer, the paper-based, recyclable packaging of the Wash Bars saves 97 percent plastic per wash load compared to a bottle of Love Nature liquid detergent.

The Love Nature Wash Bars are coated with a biodegradable shell that dissolves at low wash temperatures starting at 30°C, the company says.

Like all Love Nature products, the new Wash Bars have a lower environmental impact than conventional laundry and cleaning products. All Love Nature products are made without animal-derived content and meet stricter standards than the legal ban on animal testing requires.

In addition to the new Wash Bars, Love Nature offers a diverse range of laundry detergents, bath and all-purpose cleaners, and hand and machine dishwashing products, creating sustainable alternatives to conventional products. Love Nature liquid detergents and rinse aids can be refilled in selected drugstore and supermarket chains. The new Love Nature Wash Bars Alpine Fresh all-purpose detergent will be available in stores across Germany starting April 1st, 2022.

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