Nivea and Google Lens Offer New Brand Experiences

Google and Beiersdorf have realized three different “Lens Experiences” in a cooperation for the Nivea Men “Active Energy Wake-Up Sofort Effect Gel”. In a “Learn and Improve” approach the technology is to be examined for its everyday potential.

Beiersdorf is taking new ways to address to consumers: a product package that offers application tips and entertainment after a scan with Google Lens. In a special edition of the Nivea Men “Active Energy Wake-Up Sofort Effekt Gel”, which was available in a limited edition from 9 September 2020 in the Hamburg Nivea Haus on Jungfernstieg, there were application tips, extensive product information and an interactive encounter with the actor and Grimme Prize winner Edin Hasanović.  “This innovation enables us to strengthen the connection to our consumers in a new and unique way,” explains Martin Böhm, Chief Digital Officer at Beiersdorf. “With the interactive Google Lens technology, we can offer a customizable, multi-faceted brand experience directly on the product and at the point of sale.”

Exploring new possibilities

“One of the weak points in offline shopping is the lack of product information,” says Achim Rietze, Strategy Lead at Google Zoo. Buyers are standing in the store and want to know what the story behind the ingredients or which cream is right for their own needs. “The use of Google Lens opens up completely new opportunities for retailers – thanks to computer vision technology and AI.” Google Lens is an image recognition technology integrated into the standard Android camera app and available to iOS users via the Google app.

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