Packaging Combines Luxury and Sustainability

When packaging is eye-catching, designers have been at work. When it also showcases craftsmanship, it is a feast for the eyes. For “Make A Mark”, an international incubator for innovative and sustainable solutions in luxury packaging design, designers have developed prototypes for fancy perfume bottles, fine spirits bottles, and prestigious wine bottles. Among the partners is the German company Leonhard Kurz.

Over the past few months, 20 top international designers have developed innovative works of packaging art: as part of “Make A Mark”, an international incubator for innovative and sustainable solutions in luxury packaging design, they have realized prototypes in the categories of beverages, wines and spirits, and beauty and perfume.

To realize their ideas, the project’s initiators, Estal, Avery Dennison and Leonhard Kurz, gave them access to the latest developments and state-of-the-art packaging technologies in the packaging industry: using glass made by Estal, label material by Avery Dennison and printing tools and finishing technologies by the Kurz Group, the designers broke new ground and created designs that feature exceptional looks and concepts, innovative textures, and new materials.

“Since packaging is more than just a glass bottle and a stopper, we thought, why not collaborate with the most respected industry leaders in labeling and finishing – Avery Dennison and Leonhard Kurz – to see how far we can push creative innovation? And what if we invited some of the world’s best packaging designers and made it something bigger – a creative platform to showcase new ideas and build an inspiring design community?” explained Gerard Albertí of Estal.

Thus, “Make a Mark” was born – a project aimed at exploring packaging innovation from a 360-degree perspective that includes glass, labels, finishing, and design. The project is available digitally as a book via the “Make a Mark” website. Two German agencies are represented among the 20 designers: Popular Packaging from Hamburg (team member Syster Tjarks was one of the speakers at FACHPACK) and Zweischneider based in Wiesbaden.

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