Pods by Ariel and Lenor Now Come in a Cardboard Box

The all-in-1 pods by the Ariel and Lenor brands are now available in cardboard packaging that is fully recyclable. Adults can intuitively open the box with its ergonomic design, while it remains securely closed for children, says manufacturer Procter & Gamble. Previously, the laundry detergent pellets were available in plastic packaging.

The new packaging for pods by Ariel and Lenor, the Ecoclic box, is made of cardboard and is completely recyclable, according to manufacturer Procter & Gamble. It contains a maximum of 5 percent plastic, the company adds.  By switching from plastic to paper, the consumer goods giant is saving up to 900 tons of plastic per year for Ariel and Lenor in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.

Packaging included

The Ecoclic box is designed to be inclusive: Even people with limited grip strength or reduced eyesight can open the box easily. The new packaging bears a tactile marker in the shape of a washing machine on the top. This aid was developed so that people with impaired vision can quickly and easily recognize that they are holding a detergent in their hands. In addition, the closure makes a clearly perceptible clicking sound as soon as the box is securely closed. More than 2,500 consumers from all over Europe have intensively tested the handling of the new packaging in many tests, it says. The new packaging also remains securely closed for children’s hands.

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