Tomatoes in a bucket with lattice structure

The firms Pöppelmann GmbH & Co. KG, specialists in plastic packaging for the food and pharmaceutical industries, and Merulin Gartenbauservice GmbH & Co. KG have together developed an innovative packaging for snack tomatoes – a plastic bucket with a lattice structure offers material savings of up to 30 percent – with unfaltering performance.

The Snack Tomato Bucket, an established packaging form in the food trade, is now available in a more resource-friendly design. The Lower Saxony-based company Pöppelmann presents a transparent plastic bucket with a colored handle and a capacity of 870 milliliters. The bucket is injection molded into a lattice structure. According to the company, material savings of up to 30 percent can be achieved. Weighing only 21 grams, the packaging is considerably lighter than its full-face counterparts. Nevertheless, the bucket still possesses the required stability and machinability. The lattice structure also permits optimized ventilation of the food in refrigerated storage. On request, the packaging can be provided with a pre-printed label during shaping, using the In-Mould Labelling (IML) process. This label is attached inseparably to the bucket and is thus securely fixed and both moisture-resistant and temperature-resistant, explains the manufacturer. The new lattice structure bucket is closed with a lid made of virgin fiber cardboard that can be printed over the entire surface.


Material savings and food safety are just some of the many issues that decision-makers and stakeholders in the packaging branch sector have to manage. From process to product, FachPack has all the right answers. More information can be found here.

The snack tomato bucket with a lattice structure was developed in cooperation between Pöppelmann and Merulin Gartenbauservice GmbH & Co. KG, which supplies horticultural businesses with products from well-known manufacturers in the green sector. As an experienced manufacturer of food packaging, Pöppelmann took over the development of the design – supported by in-house services such as Rapid Prototyping for the production of prototypes in 3D printing – through to series production using injection molding. As a specialist in horticultural supplies, Merulin supported the project with industry know-how and was advised by its own tomato-producing customer. The first customers such as the supermarket chains Rewe and Penny have already switched to the Pöppelmann snack tomato bucket, so that the first specimens can already be found in food retail stores.

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