Unpacked food in the Tegut store

Unpacked stores are booming. The food retailer Tegut is now launching the first department with unpacked goods in a test store that stocks more than just diverse organic foods .

From now on customers can buy rice, cereals, pulses, nut kernels and other dry foods without packaging at the Tegut market in Fulda-Kaiserwiesen. A total of 144 different food products – all in organic quality – are on offer in bulk. Customers can bring their own containers or use compostable paper bags available on site and fill these with the desired quantities themselves.

The two rows of “unpacked” shelves are located directly next to the fruit and vegetable department. They carry a wide selection of goods. In addition to rice, pasta, lentils, beans and nuts –  muesli and an extensive collection of breakfast cereals such as oat flakes, cornflakes, spelt flakes and millet flakes are also available, as well as “superfoods” like quinoa, kamut and amaranth.  Customers can also “package” bulgur, couscous, millet, green spelt and buckwheat themselves, as well as cocoa butter crisps and fruit gums – all in organic quality.

“We are very pleased to be able to respond to the many customer enquiries and offer such a large assortment without packaging,” explains Daniel Henkel, Head of Food Purchasing. “We encountered great customer interest already in the first few days, and so we will be installing “unpacked” shelves in our new store in Heidelberg in the fall too.

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