Way clear for Nutri-Score at Iglo

Iglo may now label its products with the Nutri-Score labelling system. Months ago the Regional Court Hamburg prohibited to the North German frozen food producer from doing this by means of a restraining order. Now the dispute has been settled out of court.

Iglo Germany has reached an out-of-court agreement with the Schutzverband gegen Unwesen in der Wirtschaft e.V. (German Association to Combat Unfair Competition in Trade) on the introduction of Nutri-Score at Iglo. Originally, the appeal hearing before the Hamburg Higher Regional Court was scheduled for November 14, 2019. With the agreement between the parties, the preliminary injunction pending for the hearing was lifted.

“The result now enables Iglo to undertake a fast, voluntary introduction of the Nutri Score labelling system on its packaging in the supermarket, says Antje Schubert, chair of the management of Iglo Germany. “This will also motivate other companies to provide consumers with fast, independent and easily understandable orientation on the nutritional profile of processed foods. Nevertheless, it is important that policy-makers immediately initiates formal notification to the EU Commission and that a national regulation is put into effect, she said, adding that Nutri-Score provides companies with an incentive to improve recipes and is thus an important contribution to the reduction strategy of the German Federal Ministry of Food. The company plans to offer its first Nutri-Score-labelled products on the market by February 2020 at the latest.

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