Mymuesli Relies on Packaging System from Sparck Technologies

Sparck Technologies has installed its new CVP Everest automated 3D packaging system in Germany for the first time: Mymuesli has recently become a customer of the sustainable solution for the production of customized shipping cartons.

With the help of the system by Sparck Technologies (formerly Packaging by Quadient), organic food manufacturer Mymuesli produces up to 1,100 precisely fitting cartons per hour at its logistics center in the Heining district of Passau. “As a pioneer in individualized organic food, the issue of sustainability has been an integral part of our philosophy since our founding in 2007. Our goal is to permanently reduce the ecological footprint of our products. The same applies to production, logistics, and packaging. That’s why we chose an efficient and automated packaging system from Sparck Technologies when we were developing a more sustainable shipping strategy,” explains Philipp Kraiss, co-founder and co-CEO of Mymuesli. The contact with Sparck Technologies was established by paper packaging manufacturer Smurfit Kappa, according to a statement.

“We are very pleased that a German customer is using a CVP Everest for the first time, after this system, which was introduced to the market in 2020, has already been used successfully in several other countries by well-known large mail order companies. The precision-fit cartons made from a CVP Everest can save up to 50 percent of transport volume and up to 30 percent of corrugated board consumption. The Mymuesli company has set a benchmark for e-commerce in the German-speaking food industry,” says Claus Weigel, International Senior Sales Manager at Sparck Technologies.

A CVP Everest or a CVP Impack (up to 500 package productions per hour) is efficient in many respects, he says. The automated packaging process runs quickly. The entire process takes only a few seconds. The system automatically cuts, fills, folds, glues, weighs, and labels the transport packages. The CVP Everest can produce packaging that fits exactly because individual or multiple order items are precisely measured using a 3D scanner; and then a carton is automatically folded around the products from continuous corrugated board. There is no need for adhesive tape to seal the cartons: Thanks to a special bottom-lid design, the cuboid is glued with hot glue. The customer can simply open it at home via a perforation in the cardboard. As a result, Mymuesli can dispense with around 13,500 tape rolls per year. “Just as important as the enormous potential savings in transport volume and corrugated board consumption are the benefits in handling seasonal or marketing-specific shipping peaks – such as at Christmas time. Thanks to the automated system, capacities in the shipping area can be increased effortlessly,” says Kraiss.

For logistics, Mymuesli uses a logistics center located six kilometers from the manufactory in Passau. The two hall sections offer more than 7,500 square meters of storage space, as well as a shipping warehouse with 3,000 square meters and a packaging materials warehouse with 1,000 square meters of space. On peak days, the multiple award-winning company ships more than 15,000 packages. In the fiscal year 2021, around 1.65 million shipments left the logistics center in Lower Bavaria and were sent to a total of eight European countries.

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