New Online Supermarket Delivers Only in Jars

The new online supermarket “GerneOhne” aims to provide an alternative way to buy food: zero waste and conveniently from home is the motto. Customers throughout Germany have the opportunity to order plastic-free packaged food online directly to their door.

The food is delivered in reusable jars. These are returned to “GerneOhne” after use and, after thorough cleaning, are reintroduced into the innovative glass reusable system, which is free of charge for customers, the company explains.

The assortment consists exclusively of organic products, it adds. “GerneOhne” was launched by three friends: Michael Sixl, Eduardo Castaneda, and Sergey Gladyshev. Driven by a concern for the environment, a shared fascination with new technologies, and the hope of using them for the good of the planet, the three founders implement all aspects of the store themselves, from packaging to customer service.

Michael Sixl was born in Passau and is an expert in logistics and purchasing. After studying in Munich and Dublin, he worked for foodora, Evertracker and various consulting firms such as Deloitte before founding “GerneOhne”. Eduardo Castaneda is originally from Mexico, came to Europe to study and decided to stay. The marketing expert looks back on positions at Microsoft, foodpanda, and Delivery Hero. Family man and IT expert Sergey Gladyshev was born in Moscow and, like Eduardo, has made Germany his home. His professional stations range from Procter & Gamble to Abott Laboratories and Healthy Food Delivery.

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