Paint Tray Made From Hemp Grass

Miss Pompadour, an e-commerce supplier of B2C paints and varnishes, is focusing on alternative utensils and sustainable materials. The plastic tub is to gradually disappear completely from the range and be replaced by ecological alternatives.

In 2021, the consumption of paints, varnishes and printing inks in Germany was around 1.6 million tons, according to Statista. This is also associated with a great deal of waste from ink trays, ink rollers, and other accessories. But this is now to be put to an end: the young start-up Miss Pompadour from Regensburg is bringing a sustainable alternative to the plastic tub to market – the paint tub. The paint tub is the first sustainably produced, plastic-free paint tray in Germany, Miss Pompadour explains in a statement. The tub is made of sustainable fiber cast consisting of hemp grass and waste paper, the company says. The paint tub is 100 percent recyclable and compostable, it said. The packaging is made of recycled and recyclable material.

“Sustainability has always been very important to us, and we are committed to eliminating plastics and synthetics completely from our product line – as long as we can find better alternatives that are superior in both carbon footprint and product features. In the case of the paint tray, we couldn’t find a better product, so we designed and produced one ourselves,” says Erik Reintjes, co-founder of Miss Pompadour.

In addition to the sustainable paint tray, all Miss Pompadour products are designed to have short delivery routes and sustainable production. In addition, the Regensburg-based start-up is cooperating with Everwave. The start-up from Aachen has developed technologies that can be used to collect waste in the oceans. For every kilogram of plastic sold by Miss Pompadour, Everwave collects one kilogram of plastic waste from the waters, according to the paint retailer. Miss Pompadour has also set a goal of eliminating plastic paint tubs from its stores by 2025 and switching to sustainable alternatives.

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