Austria’s paper industry on track for success

Austrian manufacturers of paper and board products impress with a high recycling rate.
The Austrian industrial manufacturers of paper and cardboard products that PROPAK represents are commercially successful and their production is ecologically sustainable. The industry presented its figures for 2018 together with its sustainability charter. Briefly, around 100 companies in Austria with almost 9,200 employees processed 1.2 million tons of paper and board into high-quality products and packaging with a value of EUR 2.4 billion in the 2018 financial year. Compared to 2017, this is an increase of 3.3 per cent in weight and 3.6 per cent in value. “PROPAK’s export quota is 74 per cent, making it the mainstay of growth in our industry,” says PROPAK CEO Georg Dieter Fischer.
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In addition to their economic importance, PROPAK companies’ products are particularly impressive from an ecological point of view. The use of renewable, biodegradable raw materials, the extensive use of recycled materials and low-emission production make PROPAK a model for the recycling industry. For example, the recycling rate for paper and board packaging in Austria is just under 90 per cent, already well above the EU target of 75 per cent for 2025. Another reason for sustainable paper and board products is that paper fibres are valuable secondary raw materials and can now be recycled more than 25 times.

PROPAK products cover practically all areas of daily life: packaging made of corrugated board, cardboard cartons, beverage packaging, flexible packaging, paper goods for hygiene and household use (handkerchiefs, napkins, toilet paper, cups), office supplies and organisational materials, books, labels, playing cards, rolls/cases and many more items.

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