Reusable containers at the fresh food counter

Would you be willing to bring your own container for shopping at the fresh food counter? Opinion researchers asked various supermarket customers this question.

When it comes to fresh produce, supermarkets do not necessarily have to offer environmentally friendly packaging themselves. Consumers in Germany are already very willing to bring their own reusable container from home when shopping at the fresh food counter. This was the finding of a representative survey conducted by the opinion research institute YouGov. The possibility of paying a deposit for a reusable container available directly in the supermarket, on the other hand, is less positively received. Edeka customers in particular are very willing to bring their own containers with them. The deposit system is most likely to be accepted by Rewe customers. Customers of Kaufland and Real are rather sceptical about both options. The results in detail – 73 percent of all those interviewed would be prepared to bring their own container with them, for example to buy fresh sausage at the meat counter. 78 percent of Edeka customers said they would bring their own packaging. 74 percent of Rewe customers, 71 percent of Kaufland customers and 66 percent of Real shoppers would also be willing to use their own containers at the fresh food counter. A total of 59 percent would be willing to take a reusable supermarket container with them against a deposit. Among Rewe customers, 62 percent were positive about a deposit system at the fresh food counter.

Various Edeka stores, branches of Rewe or Tegut already have fresh goods transported in returnable containers. Tegut customers can bring their own packaging with them.

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