Purchase-deciding packaging

70 percent of consumers also make their purchasing decisions on the basis of the sustainability of the packaging. This is the result of a representative survey.

According to a representative survey commissioned by the German Packaging Institute (Deutsches Verpackungsinstitut e. V.), “the sustainability of packaging is the most important factor. (dvi), the sustainability of the packaging can be decisive for the purchase of a product. Almost 70 percent of Germans say that they have already given up buying a product at least once because the packaging was not sustainable enough. Almost every fifth person does this on a regular basis.

Further results: 19.3 percent of German citizens regularly refrain from purchasing products that they consider to be packaged unsustainably enough. 50.2 percent have already done this at least once. 30.5 percent state that the sustainability of the packaging does not play a role in their purchasing decision.
“The current dvi survey on the occasion of the 5th German Packaging Day shows that packaging not only plays a central role in protecting products, but is also of great importance for consumers’ purchasing decisions. As a network of the packaging industry, we are delighted about the great awareness and responsible actions of the population. Our industry has also recognised the signs of the times. It is on the right track with numerous innovative solutions. And it is thus meeting the wishes and demands of the population,” says Kim Cheng, Managing Director of dvi.


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“Something is moving. Not only in the discussion about the sustainability of packaging, but also in the result. The industry is pursuing a number of approaches to designing and producing sustainable packaging. These include the use of recycled materials, the reduction of packaging volumes and the use of materials, the replacement of plastic with other packaging materials, strict “design for recycling” to ensure that used packaging is completely recyclable, and the development of new packaging materials from renewable raw materials, for example for composting,” says Kim Cheng. Cheng told representatives of the trade press in Berlin at the FachPack press conference that the public had noticed how much the issue of sustainable packaging was in the spotlight during the discussion about the cucumber wrapped in film. “Never before have we had so many enquiries as on the subject of cucumbers,” Cheng said. The dvi is the only network in the packaging industry that unites companies from all stages of the value chain as members.

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