Rolling and recyclable packaging

Go Trolley GmbH has developed a packaging product that thanks to its various additional benefits can be used as rolling packaging or rolling display.

The new packaging law is currently forcing manufacturers and retailers to make greater use of recyclable packaging. In addition, if bulky and heavy goods have to be delivered to customers in inner-city, often traffic-calmed areas, a transport problem also arises. On the one hand, large plastic bags filled with heavy products represent a lot of plastic waste, and on the other hand carrying such heavy bags is uncomfortable, with the burden increasing the longer the transport route.

The Austrian entrepreneur Robert Pachler has invented a solution to this problem: Inspired by on-board trolleys, which are often seen at airports, he developed a rolling cardboard box with a handle – the Go-Trolley. This practical, convertible and above all recyclable product has been marketed by Go-Trolley GmbH in Vienna since 2005 – now worldwide and with growing success. After all, the product combines four functions: packaging, recyclability, transport, and advertising space.

The Go-trolleys are manufactured in Germany from FSC-certified corrugated cardboard and recyclable plastic rollers made from previously recycled polypropylene. Since both components can be easily separated, this is not a composite material. The standard model measures 20 x 30 x 55 cm (cabin luggage size), can be loaded with goods weighing up to 14 kg and is considerably more stable than conventional carrier bags. However, Go Trolley, which adapts its trolleys to the size of its customers’ products, also supplies trolleys with a higher loading capacity. For Villeroy & Boch, for example, a model for washbasins was designed. The maximum load-bearing capacity of the classic design is up to 25 kg. On the other hand, a special model – for example for twelve wine bottles – can even have a load-bearing capacity of 35 kg. In this case the cardboard box is mounted on a reusable plastic-aluminium frame.

The advantages of these internationally marketed trolleys are obvious. Consumers can take their heavy goods with them immediately and convey them comfortably to their car or home. The trolleys can then be reused a further 50 to 70 times in the household area.  In addition to facilitating sales the individually printable trolleys offer manufacturers and dealers a large advertising / information area, which can be designed according to their own wishes. The printing inks used are suitable for contact with food. And finally, the rolling packaging is sustainable. It bears the “Green Dot” mark.

Go Trolley’s convinced packaging customers include companies such as the Heinemann brothers (Vienna Airport), Zwilling, Garten Wolf, Villeroy & Boch, Cafe Royal, Kelloggs, Schlumberger, Jacuzzi and most recently WMF. Anja Dobler, International Product Manager at WMF, explains: “The Go-Trolley enables our customers to transport our large 90-piece promotion sets home easily and conveniently and also offers an eye-catching communication area at the POS. The cardboard trolleys are moreover a perfect match for our sustainability project and we expect very good values in terms of awareness and customer loyalty due to continued use of the trolley packaging”.

However: “It is packaging that not only offers protection, but is also visually very appealing,” emphasises Alexandra Pachler, Marketing Manager at Go Trolley GmbH. That’s why the trolleys, which have a lot of individually printable space, are also used at trade fairs as a communication tool in which additional advertising material or product samples can be carried if necessary. Customers who have ordered such trade-fair trolleys include for instance Suzuki, Lufthansa, Rewe Touristik, Skyteam, Messe Köln (Cologne Trade Fair), Eternit and ABB.

A further application has been developed for shops: Here a modified trolley without handle at the upper end serves as a roll display. These fully printable corrugated cardboard shelves with wheel base plates in 1/4 or 1/8 Euro-pallet format have been designed for mobile use at the point of sale and can, for example, be equipped with a large number of smaller products. Thanks to the rollers, they can be placed anywhere and have a load-carrying capacity of up to 70 kg.

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