Aldi Focuses on Sustainable Shopping with Campaign

Aldi says it has set itself the goal of making sustainable shopping affordable for everyone and being a pioneer in food retailing. To achieve this goal, Aldi Nord and Aldi Süd are pursuing strategic fields of action. The current “Today for Tomorrow” campaign focuses on sustainable shopping and greater transparency for consumers.

With the change in attitude, Aldi has made a long-term commitment to greater animal welfare in 2021. “We have set ourselves the goal of making sustainable shopping affordable for everyone, because everything we do today has an impact on the world we will live in tomorrow. That is the core message of our campaign,” says Christian Göbel, Group Director Customer Interaction, Marketing, and Communication at Aldi Süd. “We promise our customers easy shopping with a clear conscience. Our discount business model and sustainability are a perfect match. Because where we reduce packaging materials, for example, we not only save CO2 and avoid plastic waste. We can also offer the products of our own brands at a lower price in the end,” says Gianfranco Brunetti, Managing Director Marketing & Communications National at Aldi Nord.

Aldi’s sustainability campaign “Today for Tomorrow” focuses on four areas, including animal welfare, climate protection, organic products, and packaging reduction. In several motifs with strong images, the discounters show what they are already doing to make sustainable shopping affordable for everyone – and how this helps to shape tomorrow’s world responsibly. Each motif is underpinned with meaningful figures and successes on the topic, which show what ALDI is actually doing and has already achieved. For more animal welfare, for example, Aldi currently sources 15 percent of its fresh meat from the more animal-friendly farming methods 3 and 4.

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