Recyclable Paper Packaging for Premium Pasta

Paper manufacturer Mondi and converter Fiorini International have jointly developed new paper packaging for Antico Pastificio Umbro, an Italian producer of premium pasta products. The new packaging is fully recyclable and, when introduced for the entire pasta range, will save up to 20 tons of plastic each year.

Following a complete overhaul of its packaging design, Antico Pastificio Umbro decided to combine the expertise of Mondi and Fiorini International to design and manufacture a paper pouch with a viewing window for its premium pasta ranges.

The successful partnership between Mondi and Fiorini International has resulted in an innovative paper bag design with a large window made of transparent, recyclable, and biodegradable cellulose through which the end consumer can see the contents. The pouch is fully recyclable, the company said, and offers the same protective properties as the previous plastic packaging. For the consumer, this means: The pasta has the same shelf life and is kept safe during transport. A new closure system sealed with a special hot-melt adhesive for food contact, which in combination with a reinforced patch on the bottom improves hygiene and ensures easy opening. Made from renewable resources, the packaging can be disposed of by consumers in existing paper waste streams. The new pasta pouch offers excellent printability so that all brand and product messages can be communicated effectively, and it has outstanding runnability on filling machines.

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