Fresh Meat in Flow-Pack

Since 1 June, Aldi Nord has been offering minced pork in flow packs under its own brand “Fair & Gut” in all German stores. If consumers have a proper access, the packaging solution is to be extended to other articles in the fresh meat sector.

In the case of pork mince under the private label “Fair & Gut”, Aldi Nord is coming a step closer to the sustainability goals it has set itself. Because with the product, which was launched in the retail trade on 1 June 2020, Aldi Nord is also rolling out the flow-pack packaging nationwide.

Instead of a hard shell and additional protective film, only a 100 percent recyclable polypropylene film will be used. According to Aldi Nord, this means that over 60 percent less material is required compared to previous meat packaging, with no impact on product quality or the best-before date.

Flow-pack range before expansion

This was preceded by tests in selected markets. The packaging solution passed: “That’s why we are now rolling out an article in a flow pack in all our stores to see how the new packaging is accepted by our customers,” explains Tobias Heinbockel, Managing Director Category Management at Aldi Nord. “Our goal is to change over further articles in the fresh meat sector to flow-pack in the future”.

As part of the “Aldi Packaging Mission”, the use of materials in packaging is to be reduced by 30 percent by 2025. In addition, all private label product packaging at Aldi should be recyclable by 2022.



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