Mono-PET Films for the Meat Industry

In cooperation with the Italian meat producer Fratelli Beretta, packaging specialist AMB has designed new packaging films made of mono-PET. The films with high barrier have a high recyclability. They are also available in 100 percent recycled PET.

AMB Spa, headquartered in San Daniele del Friuli, a major international supplier of packaging solutions for the food industry, acquired the German PTS (Prime Tray System) at the beginning of 2020. AMB has thus strengthened its market position in the DACH region and expanded its range of services to include resource-saving packaging solutions for the meat-processing industry. One result of recent development work is now “AMB Mono-PET”.

The films with high barrier have a high recyclability and meet the European recycling guidelines, as AMB reports. When selecting the material, users can choose up to 100 percent recycled PET. The bottom mono-PET films with high barrier effect without EVOH can be easily combined with peelable top films or with mono-PET top films.

More performance, lower costs

The packaging films were previously tested in cooperation with sausage specialist Fratelli Beretta in order to optimize them and make them even more cost-effective. For eight generations Fratelli Beretta has been producing sausage products according to Italian tradition and now markets them in more than 70 countries worldwide. As part of the cooperation, the existing deep-drawn product packaging for the range of meat products and hams was first examined. Subsequently, AMB developed a new packaging geometry to reduce PET/PE material consumption by reducing the film thickness.

The design of the product carrier manufactured from the bottom film was fundamentally revised. As ABM points out, stability is guaranteed throughout the packaging process and right into the refrigerated shelves of food retailers. The bottom line is that the new development saves around 360,000 euros a year in material costs and has reduced the packaging weight by 20 percent. In in-house stress tests, the new packaging achieved a 93 percent improvement without affecting the existing thermoforming process. The new packaging is also characterized by increased performance, as the product shelf life has been extended.

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