Solid Shampoo and Shower Care by Henkel

Henkel is expanding its range of solid items under the “Nature Box Beauty Care” brand to include further variants. The solid shampoos and shower care products eliminate the need for the usual plastic bottles for liquid products and are packaged in recyclable paper.

Liquid soaps had long marginalized solid soap bars. But solid bars are once again increasingly in demand in the Beauty & Health Care segment with a view to sustainability. After all, they avoids bottling in plastic bottles. With solid shampoos and solid shower care products in recyclable paper packaging, “Nature Box Beauty Care”, a brand by consumer goods manufacturer Henkel, aims to serve this market. The brand, which offers certified natural cosmetic formulas, each with a cold-pressed oil from a fruit or nut, has now once again expanded its range. Complementing the existing portfolio, a solid shampoo with cold-pressed pomegranate oil and a solid shower care with cold-pressed olive oil have been available since March 2021. The pieces are packed in recyclable paper.

Higher efficiency

“Nature Box” has been carrying the Ecocert cosmetics label in accordance with the “Cosmos Natural Standard” since September 2020. At least 99 percent of the ingredients in the overall product are of natural origin. The solid shampoos and solid shower care products not only dispense with the plastic bottles commonly used for shampoos and shower gels. As Henkel points out, the products are also more effective than beauty products in liquid form: Accordingly, one solid shampoo is as productive as two conventional shampoos of 250 milliliters each, and one solid shower care is as productive as two shower gels of 250 milliliters each. As Henkel notes further, the handy formats are particularly travel-friendly because, unlike liquid products, they do not have to comply with special security regulations when checked at the airport.

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