Information tour on waste separation

From September onwards, there will be information stands of the “geTon” (Yellow Bin) Initiative in front of Lidl and Kaufland stores, where consumers will be able to find out about the correct way to separate waste.

The geTon (Yellow Bin) Initiative continues to grow. With PreZero, the Dual, Lidl and Kaufland stores under the umbrella of the Schwarz Group, Europe’s largest food retailer, it has gained important allies in the fight for recycling management. Since autumn 2018 geTon has been bringing together manufacturers of packaging, brand-name companies, dual systems, the disposal and recycling industry, and now also trading companies in the goal of optimizing the recycling of packaging in Germany.

“Avoidance is the top priority, but where we cannot replace plastic, it must be recycled as completely as possible”, is how founding member Dr. Katharina Marquardt, sustainability expert at the Procter&Gamble Group Germany, Austria, Switzerland, explains the geTon approach. “This is what all geTon members are working on. But in order to organize a successful recycling economy, we need the consumers too. If they sort packaging into the right recycling channels at home and on the road, we will use the recyclable materials in the packaging, conserve resources and reduce carbon dioxide emissions.


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A recycling system has existed in Germany for 30 years. On the basis of new control procedures and high recycling quotas required by the Packaging Act. geTon is working with the participating companies on improving the existing system and promoting greater acceptance of the yellow bin/yellow bags. With this in mind, geTon, together with PreZero Dual, Lidl and Kaufland, is launching a nationwide campaign in September that is targeted at consumers right from the time of shopping. As part of an information tour in front of Lidl and Kaufland stores, customers will be informed that proper waste separation makes a contribution to climate protection.

“With the international plastics strategy REset Plastic, the Schwarz Group is providing a global solution for conserving resources and reducing plastic waste. This also includes actively informing citizens what an important contribution they can make to more recycling,” explains Dietmar Böhm, Managing Director of the Schwarz Group’s disposal and recycling company, PreZero, and adds: “If recycling is to work in Germany and we want to make an important contribution to environmental protection, then everyone – producers, traders, waste disposers and recyclers – must all help. And of course the consumers too.”

A campaign of the Dual Systems under the motto “Waste separation works” is currently showing just how important information is in this connection,  functioning so to speak as a “setscrew”. After three months, an information campaign in the regionally limited pilot project in Euskirchen resulted in a clear improvement in the sorting results –  which is why the campaign is to be rolled out nationwide next year.

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