Nestlé honors its supplier DS Smith with an award

DS Smith’s Display and Packaging Strategists have won this year’s Nestlé Supplier Award in Gold.

With the Nestlé Supplier Award, Nestlé Germany acknowledges the very high level of service, the above-average innovative strength and flexibility as well as the process optimizations achieved by its long-standing supplier, says the company. The results realized by DS Smith and Nestlé in a number of projects over the past two years are the reason for DS Smith to be named one of the TOP suppliers for the fourth time in a row.

In close cooperation, the purchasing team and DS Smith analyzed and optimized the papers and corrugated board qualities used to date. With the material savings achieved in this way DS Smith not only provided the food group with monetary advantages. The project also contributes directly to reaching Nestlé’s sustainability goals.

The two partners also achieved greater efficiency in the overall process as part of an extensive harmonisation project in the display sector. While each business unit of Nestlé Germany had its own designs so far, DS Smith was able to significantly reduce the number of variants with its innovative solution concepts. “We reward DS Smith’s unconditional service orientation. When the going gets tough, the impossible is made possible too,” says Gaby Symonds, Head of Purchasing at Nestlé Germany, explaining the Award in Gold. DS Smith has been supplying Nestlé for many years with POS materials such as product displays and corrugated cardboard packaging materials.

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