Packaging Becomes Furniture

The entire packaging industry is concerned with making its packaging sustainable. Korean electronics giant Samsung has now taken a completely new approach. Their boxes are not only easy to recycle but can also be used as furniture.

Samsung is bringing its lifestyle TV product portfolio to consumers in new packaging. The corrugated cardboard packaging will in future be used for the models “The Serif”, “The Frame” and “The Sero”. The cartons are not just designed to be easy to recycle but can also be reused as furniture.

The idea is to have a dot design on each side of the corrugated boxes so that consumers can easily cut the boxes to size and assemble them for various other uses. The results are, for example, small side tables or magazine stands. To obtain building instructions, consumers only need to scan the QR code on the packaging.

“We believe that with eco-packaging, we can offer our customers a new way to express themselves while respecting the environment,” says Kangwook Chun, executive vice president and head of the product strategy team in the Visual Display Division at Samsung Electronics.

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