Packaging Valley: See you at FACHPACK

On September 28th, the Nuremberg trade fair opens its doors. Then, for three days, it’s all about presentations and exhibitions on the leading theme of “Environmentally Friendly Packaging”, a host of new developments from the world of packaging and, above all, discussions in person. Packaging Valley will be present with 22 members.

“For almost two years, there has not been a major event like this in the European packaging industry. There is a lot of anticipation for FACHPACK,” says Martin Buchwitz, managing director of Packaging Valley. Buchwitz will be speaking about current challenges in the packaging industry at FACHPACK, which will be held in Nuremberg from September 28-30, 2021. He wants to highlight opportunities that arise from them and encourage action.

The leading theme of the German packaging trade show is “Environmentally Friendly Packaging”. What does sustainability mean in Packaging Valley? It is a big topic with an enormous range of possibilities and opportunities. For the members, mostly family-owned and traditional companies, it is an absolute must. They have been using resource-saving technologies and efficient tools that avoid unnecessary consumption of resources for a long time. The concept of sustainability is now firmly anchored in the development of new packaging solutions.

The chairwoman of the Packaging Valley association, Sabine Gauger (Optima Packaging Group), sees sustainability and environmental awareness as both a necessity and an opportunity for the future. She is on the advisory board of FACHPACK. “For us, getting better and better means working together on sustainable solutions. The tightrope walk between product and environmental protection must be solved with new approaches in the future.”

It has been one year since the two associations Packaging Valley Germany and Packaging Excellence Center have merged. Now the joint packaging cluster between Stuttgart, Frankfurt and Nuremberg has over 90 members. And the trend is rising. Visitors will meet 22 of them at FACHPACK. 14 will be presenting themselves at the joint stand in Hall 3C. There, their focus is on environmental protection, efficiency, precision and digital solutions.

About Packaging Valley Germany e. V.

Founded in 2007 in Schwäbisch Hall, Packaging Valley Germany e. V. is the packaging industry cluster in Germany’s southwest. It emerged from a merger of the Packaging Valley Germany and Packaging Excellence Region Stuttgart clusters. It networks around 90 companies with a total of over 25,000 employees. These include manufacturers of packaging systems and packaging machines, providers of software and automation solutions, manufacturers of components, providers of services related to the packaging industry, and public institutions.

With an export share of over 80 percent, according to the company’s own figures, the technological diversity from Packaging Valley is represented all over the world. International market leaders from the food, beverage, confectionery, pharmaceutical and cosmetics sectors are among its customers.

Packaging Valley Germany e. V. has its headquarters in Waiblingen, with another office in Schwäbisch Hall. The majority of members are based in the southwest, with a focus on the Stuttgart and Hohenlohe regions. As part of the Stuttgart Region Competence Centers Initiative, the Packaging Valley is supported by Wirtschaftsförderung Region Stuttgart GmbH (WRS).

The board of directors is currently composed of: Sabine Gauger (Optima) Chairperson, Markus Höfliger (Harro Höfliger) Vice Chairperson, Uwe Herold (E+K), Dr. Johannes Rauschnabel (Syntegon), Christian Benz (Jetter), Ralf Bouffleur (Rommelag), Andreas Hesky (City of Waiblingen), Hermann-Josef Pelgrim (City of Schwäbisch Hall).

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