Polite packaging

Four products were honoured with the “Polite Packaging” award. They are user-friendly, environmentally friendly and convey understandable information.

The SilverPack Award “Polite Packaging” rewards packaging that is polite on several accounts. They are polite to the consumer, easy to open, comfortable to wear or contain clear information. They are polite to the environment because, for example, they consist of renewable raw materials. And they are polite to the contents because they offer good protection.

In 2019, two products may bear the “Polite Packaging” label in gold:

1st Nature MultiPac from NMP Systems GmbH.

Common packaging for beverage multipacks is often made of cardboard or uses shrink film. Nature MultiPack bottles are connected with adhesive points and in addition to this there is a carrying handle. According to the jury, the advantages of the packaging: “The customer has a clear view of the product. He sees exactly what he is purchasing. All you have to do to open the multipack is remove the carrying handle. The individual bottles or cans can then be easily rotated to separate them from each other. The only waste left is the carrying handle, which can easily be disposed of in the yellow bin bag. The small adhesive points remain on the bottle or can. No disposal of cardboard or shrink film is necessary.

2nd Kleve and Easy PopTop Waterbottle by Cameron Bishop, Stoneham MA, USA.

Cameron Bishop, a start-up entrepreneur from the USA, has developed a refillable water bottle, “which can be opened and closed with little strength and skill and also shows acceptable level of tightness,” according to the jury’s statement. Target groups for the Easy PopTop Bottle are children, elderly people and people with limited manual dexterity.

Two products received the “Polite Packaging” award in silver:

1st Visiomax, the dm-drogerie markt GmbH + Co. KG, Karlsruhe.

According to the jury, dm has “courageously” changed the packaging of its visiomax contact lens care series. Previously, the product and lens case were packed in a folding box. The folding box has now been replaced by a wafer-thin packaging sleeve. This results in advantages for customers and the environment: The customer sees what he is purchasing: product and contact lens case. When repurchasing the product, the customer can be guided by the familiar bottle. The sleeve encloses the bottle and contact lens case. This provides an initial opening guarantee for both parts. The contact lens case can be removed by perforating the film and twisting it slightly. There is no need to open and dispose of the folding box. Previously, the bottle had a folding box and a label attached with adhesive. The folding box is now no longer required. The new packaging therefore saves raw materials, printing inks, labels and adhesives, a clear plus for the environment.

2nd The ShellBox Team, Munich.

The ShellBox, packaging for pistachios, is the result of a semester project of five female students. It is a folding box with three functions: packaging, serving tray and waste bin. According to the jury, the multifunctional folding carton delights with its many polite details: “First of all, of course, it functions as packaging. After opening, you discover a serving tray. And finally, The ShellBox also takes back the empty pistachio trays. It is ideally suited for eating out and about. In addition, the design details of the packaging appeal to one’s play instinct and which makes it even more entertaining.

The “Polite Packaging” award is an initiative of the Meyer-Henschel Institute, Zurich/Saarbrücken. The award was announced for the 11th time in 2019. The Chairman of the SilverPack jury is Dr. Gundolf Meyer-Hentschel. The institute is active throughout Europe and deals with trends in consumer behaviour and advises companies. The award winners can use the award, specifically the label, for their marketing.

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