Award for multi-layer information label

The multilayer information label of August Faller GmbH & Co KG won the FINAT Award 2019 in June.

At this year’s European Label Forum (ELF) in Copenhagen in June, August Faller GmbH & Co KG won the FINAT Award in the category “multi-layer labels”. The packaging specialist convinced the jury with its “Faller Info-Label”. The multi-page info label offers plenty of room in a small space and, according to August Faller, can be handled practically by manufacturers and users alike.

The need for information on pharmaceutical packaging is increasing rapidly. In addition to legally prescribed information, more and more application aids for doctors, pharmacists and patients have to be displayed – often in the form of pictograms or multilingual country versions. In line with these requirements, August Faller has developed the Faller Info-Label for a well-known pharmaceutical company. The two-layer label has three printable pages, which adhere statically to each other due to a special lacquer combination.


In the pharmaceutlical industry, the requirements are diverse and expectations are high. FachPack is the place that brings together buyers and vendors on a level playing field. More information can be found here. 

“Thanks to its static adhesion, the Faller label is very easy to open and close. The print is easy to read, as is the Braille information applied by screen printing (editor’s note: Braille, a tactile reading and writing system used by the blind). It looks simple, but it is a challenge for production,” was the verdict of the jury at the award ceremony in Copenhagen on 5 June. FINAT is the international association of manufacturers and processors of self-adhesive products and honours outstanding label solutions with awards in an annual competition.

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