Chocolate bar in origami paper

Nestlé’s KitKat chocolate bar has been a hit in Japan for several years. It comes in exotic flavours there, and now the packaging is being creatively changed. KitKat Minis are available in origami paper. If you like, you can make things with the packaging – instructions are included.

The wide range of flavours keeps the KitKat fans in Japan excited. The exotic and extraordinary diversity of KitKat varieties has also long been highly popular in other countries. The packaging is equally colourful. One of the most popular flavours is “Green Tea Matcha”, but KitKat fans can also discover new varieties in so-called KitKat Chocolatory shops, or even put together their own variety under the guidance of chocolatiers. The stores are run by the well-known Japanese master confectioner Yasumasa Takagi, who is also responsible for special creations such as KitKat sushi. There are five boutiques in all in Japan, and others have opened in Australia, South Korea and Malaysia.

“Kitto katsu to!” means “sure win” in the Japanese Kyushu dialect. Thanks to the brand’s similarity to the well-known saying, KitKat in Japan is also regarded as a lucky charm for pupils and students in important exams, and is popular as a small gift as encouragement or thanks. Nestlé Japan is now also showing its creativity in packaging, replacing the plastic packaging of its Mini-KitKat bars with origami paper. For chocolate snack lovers who are not familiar with the art, the paper is printed with instructions for making a paper bird (a crane).

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