Fruit packaging as Advent calendar

Elbe-Obst offers an original upcycling of apple cartons: These are now available with Advent calendar. Every day, consumers have the chance to win a new prize – from toys to Apple products.

Meanwhile, companies are increasingly developing ideas to give a “second life” to packaging such as tetrapacks, glass bottles and cans. Specially designed, they can be reused as decoration, plant pots, handicraft bases or for storage. Elbe-Obst has often taken this path. In previous years, the largest apple producer in northern Germany, together with some of its trading partners, has used a basket in December, which can be used as a gift box with the lid provided.

Giving it a second use

This year, Elbe-Obst is transforming a standard apple package into an Advent calendar. “Apple baskets, like many other packaging, have a very short life span. They provide both mechanical and hygienic protection for the fruit”, explains Jens Andersol, Marketing Manager of Elbe-Obst Erzeugerorganisation r.V. “A second benefit can give them a longer life and save resources”.

There are a total of 24 doors on the two long sides of the 3-kilogram basket, just like the classic Advent calendars. Behind each door is a special code. Consumers can then win a total of more than 120 prizes around the apple: From toys to various kitchen gadgets and appliances or cookbooks to Apple products and game consoles.

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