Frothy coffee in a can

More than cold coffee: Cold Brew coffee is a trendy drink. Ardaghs beverage cans offer fans of cold coffee slightly tingling beverages as well as beverages enriched with nitrogen.

By contrast with conventional coffee preparation using hot water Cold Brew coffee is prepared using cold water. Cold Brew contains fewer acids and bitter substances than hot water. This is related to the water temperature. The hotter the water, the more bitter substances are dissolved. With Cold Brew, exactly the opposite happens: the longer the coffee is extracted in cold water –  the more aromas are released from the coffee and the coffee tastes mild.

With the help of Ardagh Group’s sustainable beverage cans, the firm Cafeahaus AG Goldbrew has launched the ready-to-drink Cold Brew coffee range for cans on the German market. The flavoured carbonated versions “Goldbrew Ginger & Lemon” and “Goldbrew Grapefruit & Lemon” are filled in Ardagh’s 250 ml slim cans.

Goldbrew Cold Brew coffee is made from sustainable Arabica coffee beans. Cafeahaus completes its Goldbrew range with a nitrogenated original Cold Brew coffee available in Ardagh’s unique Nitro Can. Today’s popular nitro coffee is a cold brew drink that is brewed for longer in water than traditional hot coffee in order to achieve a fuller taste. The nitrogen that is introduced into the coffee through a beer tap during this process creates tiny, water-insoluble bubbles. This means that the bubbles remain from the first to the last sip and give the drink its full-bodied substance, explains the producer.


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Now Ardagh, a world market leader in the field of innovative packaging products, has succeeded in recreating the chemistry and the spectacle of this barista beverage in its Nitro Can. “The can widget, loaded with nitrogen, brings Goldbrew to life by first carrying the aroma of the coffee, then enriching its dark brown content with this characteristic cascade of bubbles, and finally rounding it off with a light head,” says Adriana Escobar, Product Manager of the Ardagh Group’s European Metal Beverage Division.

While the Nitro Can offers consumers a new drinking experience, Cafeahaus AG, a wholly owned subsidiary of DEK Berlin and producer of liquid coffee extracts and cold brew concentrates for industrial customers, supplies packaging that is both safe and responsible. “In use, Ardagh’s aluminum beverage cans provide a stable storage environment for coffee, even without refrigeration, while maintaining the full-bodied taste of the Cold Brew coffee. And the Nitro Can also offers an exciting drinking experience,” says Marco Beran, Sales Manager at DEK Berlin.

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