Unusual bottle design

Extravagant packaging, individual presentations and unusual flavors are to be found in both the beverage trade and the frozen food market. This was made clear at the international food and beverage fair Anuga in Cologne. Examples include canned coffee, ink-colored gin, Matcha Nespresso capsules, the finest Italian ice cream wrapped in traditional Japanese rice dough, or raspberry chardonnay ice cream.

The Ink Gin stands out with its deep blue color and unusual bottle design. Gin lovers hold a cube-shaped bottle reminiscent of an old ink bottle in their hand. The producers of ink gin –  the management of Edelranz GmbH from Mainz –  presented their special packaging with some storytelling. They told the story of the product’s origin, the personal experiences of the creators, and thus generated an individual touch. Their product is intended to make a statement. “The association of ink, an inkwell and a nib reminds us of bygone times and old, often forgotten values. Writing a letter to a selected person using pen and ink requires attention and a certain degree of esteem. You have to take the time to write such a letter. This is about bonding and communication on a very personal level, something which is increasingly dwindling away as a result of modern media”.

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