Container packaging protects toy cars

Thimm developed sustainable shipping packaging with containers for toy cars which won the Obal roku international competition in the e-commerce category. The packaging has a multiple container design in corrugated board that securely holds 49 individual parts in place.

The award-winning packaging made of corrugated board is used in e-commerce and includes a self-assembly bobby car kit for the manufacturer RePello. In addition to the wooden body components, the packaging includes places for the steering wheel, front spoiler, Allen key, screws, wheels and tuning accessories. In addition to the 43 main and connecting elements, there are also six optional components that are freely selectable but csan still be securely placed. The corrugated board insert secures and protects each part during shipping.


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Due to its design, the packaging can be used for all standard types of bobby cars. It is also used as POS packaging in retail and at exhibitions. Packaging and insert are produced in brown EE fluting which can be easily disposed of by the consumer. The Thimm developers deliberately avoided the use of foams and films. The sustainable corporate orientation of the Czech manufacturer RePello, which has been producing innovative wooden toys since 2015, is also reflected in the image on the packaging. Digital printing was used to create a subtle design which matches the safety-oriented bobby cars and the ecological corporate image.

In the Obal roku packaging competition, the jury annually recognises innovative packaging with the award “Packaging of the Year”. Thimm won in the e-commerce category with its packaging solution for RePello. The award ceremony will be held on October 24, 2019 in Prague, Czech Republic.

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