The Label as Unique Specimen

For a special edition of the Portuguese Fonte Alegre Rosado, Hawesko is using hypercustomization as a marketing tool: every single label on the bottles is individually designed. If the campaign is well received by the customers, the technology is to be used more widely.

15,000 bottles, 15,000 different labels: Hawesko is breaking new ground in marketing with a summer promotion for the wine brand Fonte Alegre Rosado. The basis of the labels on the bottles is a work of art containing numerous Portuguese emblems: a classic sailing ship, for example, fish or peacock – and of course patterns of azulejos, the typical Portuguese tiles. This is the basis for the whole variety of labels. Each label shows different details. What they all have in common is the typical world of colours, which conveys summery freshness. The design was created by the Berlin creative agency Ruska, Martín, Associates.

Special editions are worthwhile

Fonte Alegre from Portugal is one of around 300 exclusive brands out of a total of 4,500 wines available at the Hamburg online wine dealer Hawesko. “We have found that the more often we issue a special edition with a wine, the more it charges the brand,” says Felix Frommherz, Manager for Exclusive Brands. “Special Editions have proven themselves many times over.” To make this “Special Edition” even more special, the decision was made in Hamburg to use digital printing combined with hypercustomization. “In the past, we have always used screen printing in the production of labels because of their value,” says Frommherz. “But we have been convinced that digital printing has caught up considerably in terms of the quality of the printed image, so there is no loss of quality in the end.

Label as a key element in the marketing mix

Frommherz was convinced by Nicole Ceccantini, business development manager for HP Indigo digital presses. “Not so long ago, a printed label was only a means of communicating basic information such as the product name or legally required product information,” the print expert points out. “Today, labels and packaging are the new marketing strategies of brands.” The role of packaging is moving from the functional to the emotional. Individually printed or personalized labels increase the attention of the viewer and build up an emotional connection with him. “Products can become part of the storytelling and thus become firmly anchored in the minds of consumers.”

Individualization on the basis of a basic pattern

For the Fonte Alegre label promotion, partners are using HP Mosaic, a personalization software based on HP Smartstream Designer. “The software can automatically create a potentially unlimited number of unique graphic label designs based on a fixed basic pattern,” Ceccantini said. The graphics are varied by rotating, scaling, or changing colours to create ever-changing patterns. The user can also tell the algorithm which colours to keep or change. Unique variations are created and every label becomes unique. “With the Special Edition, we first want to gain experience in implementing such projects,” says Frommherz. “We are hoping for success and are already planning similar campaigns for other brands, and want to use the technology more widely in the future”.




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